February 15, 2016



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Enextgen wireless is a Telecommunication engineering company in Lagos State. We conduct the National Independent Broadband Quality Reporting on all LTE network providers in Nigeria.
We are looking for a dedicated, proactive and enthusiastic individual for the post of WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER

Shortlisted candidates will focus on using systems such as Labview, Matlab and other development platforms for design and development of wireless technologies. The primary interest must be in designing RF communications systems. Work experience is not important.

MSc with emphasis on Radio Frequency communication systems design is required.

Academic Requirement: MSc, BSc

Essential Requirements:

Demonstrable expertise in wireless communication network design

  • Must be able to demonstrate the use of communications network design, simulation, prototyping and analysis tools.
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of development platforms such as Matlab, Labview with the ability to create and simulate link budgets
  • Must be comfortable with some coding language such as Python.
  • Must have solid basic RF engineering knowledge


Must demonstrate an ability to use basic lab tools such as Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Power Supplies, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Frequency generators, Vector Network Analyzer

Must be able to demonstrate skills in the use of network analysis tools such as;

Must be familiar with wireless communications standards

  • 3GPP LTE and 5G standards.
  • WiFi – up to IEEE 802.11AC
  • LPWA, BLE, Zigbee, NFC
  • Detailed knowledge of the source and channel coding for mobile wireless communications
  • Ability to quickly identify appropriate 3GPP standards and decode the specifications.
  • We will talk to candidates with MSc that meet some but not all of the above requirements.

Technical Sales Position:
Candidates should have a basic training in marketing and solid knowledge of the telecom industry in Nigeria. The academic requirement is BSc and MBA.

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