February 25, 2016

Enterprise Broadband Connectivity


Quotation for fiber deployment to businesses in Nigeria, in particular most SMEs are outrageously high,
even for services designed explicitly for SMEs, such as MainOne’s SME in A Box.

Mobile Broadband Services provided by Mobile Network Operators(MNOs) can relieve some of the pain.
However, poor in-building coverage of the Radio Frequency (RF) signals from the Service Providers and their lackluster attitude towards proper engineering of the RF signal make available quality of service within enterprises unreliable.

Our team of RF Engineers, make use of the available LTE mobile broadband connectivity to provide reliable and consistent high-speed internet access to SMEs at an affordable price.

In any Wireless mobile network, the greatest challenge is to deliver the required coverage for high speed internet access to the desks and hallways within the SME’s premises. These SMEs and other organizations rely mainly on internet access within the building.
Building Penetration loss and Interference and obstruction of the RF signal within the buildings reduce the signal strength and quality,                                                                                                            leading to sporadic internet connection.

Enextgen Wireless has the solution to provide high speed internet access by improving the LTE Signals within the building using our engineering services.

Enextgen Wireless Engineers conduct detailed walk through test within the building before proposing a solution.
Recommendations are then made in form of a report.