April 5, 2018

Ikeja, March 2018


Our NIWBQR report for the month of March 2018, focuses on a route in Ikeja, Lagos State. The route was driven on the 28th of March 2018 between the hours of 10am and 7pm. And covers places such as Ogba, Allen, Opebi, etc. Importance sites such as Shoprite, Kalakuta Museum and Police College Ikeja (PCI) were also covered.


Ikeja, Lagos drive route

During the exercise, we compared the 4G network performance of three (3) Mobile Broadband Service Providers: Globacom, 9Mobile and Ntel. Please note that while Globacom’s and Ntel’s networks were on LTE 100 percent of the time, 9Mobile was on LTE 50.68 percent of the time. This means that customers who have 4G phones and moving within this route and performing similar connection activities can only access 9Mobile’s 4G network 50.68 percent of the time while at other times, falling back to either 3G or GSM.

Globacom’s Physical Layer Downlink throughput ranked highest, followed by 9Mobile and Ntel respectively. This means better internet speed on Globacom’s network as compared to 9Mobile and Ntel.

Ntel had the highest RCC Drops followed by 9Mobile and Glo respectively. RRC Call Drops indicate Radio Frequency deployment issues. Glo had the highest RRC Connection Setup Failure rate however, Globacom’s RRC Connection Failures were recorded only for one of its sectors.

Also, Globacom had the highest Packet delay (Latency) followed by 9Mobile and Ntel respectively. High packet delay can make data connections appear less reliable than they would be otherwise

The performance of the radio access networks of each service provider along the evaluated routes in comparison with other service providers, is rated, using the following KPI weights: Non-LTE UE Technology 20%, Connection Drop rate 20%; Connection Setup Rate 10%, Downlink Throughput 10%, Bins with throughput less than 500Kbps 25% and Latency 15%.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of service experienced by the users of mobile telecommunication networks in Nigeria. A report containing our ranking and detailed RF Analysis is available for a fee.

We collect comprehensive RF Performance data on the Networks of Mobile Broadband Service Providers in Nigeria The raw UE log is available for interested service providers to use in further improving the quality of their networks. For additional details click here to fill-out the form.