February 25, 2016

Mobile Broadband Radio Frequency Engineering

wireless-mainEnextgen wireless focuses on optimizing end-user performance experience in an LTE network. By performing detailed analysis of LTE over-the-air RF signal, we are able to identify causes of RF related sub-optimal performance and make necessary recommendations for improvement. Through an iterative process of analysis and configuration parameter changes, we can significantly enhance end-user experience. Application of our RF analysis expertise, understanding of the LTE core network and internet protocol packet data transfer leads to optimized end-to-end user experience.
We specialize in RF performance analysis in order to provide optimum end-user experience in LTE networks. Our service offerings include engineering support for new LTE deployment, LTE network upgrade (LTE to LTE Advanced or LTE Advanced Pro). We provide the necessary detailed RF analysis for RF performance optimization and identification and resolution of performance bottlenecks, such as product issues, in support of network deployment or upgrade.