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Apapa Island, May 2024

    • National Independent Wireless Broadband Quality Reporting (NIWBQR)
      • NIWBQR is the independent 4G LTE/5G benchmarking standard in Nigeria.
      • Key reports from NIWBQR are available to the public at https://metrics.enextwireless.com/.
      • NIWBQR gives the Nigerian public visibility into the quality of mobile broadband networks (4G LTE/5G) provided by the major MNOs in Nigeria.
      • We use our proprietary logging tool (ENEXTLOG) for collecting UE logs and our proprietary platform PREMETRICS) for post-processing the UE logs in other to create NIWBQR reports and perform analysis for other purposes.
      • Weights for overall ranking of the current report:
        • 50%, RF Quality (EMETRICS plus IRATs to 3G, Plus RLF).
        • 30%, packet latency
        • 10%, Downlink Throughput
        • 10% Uplink Throughput
      • Our experience shows that insufficient attention is paid to the quality of the RF signals. Hence, RF quality of the 4G LTE/5G signal carries half of the weight.

    The drive test was conducted from 3:54pm, 12th May to 6:00pm, 14th May, 2024; the image below is the evaluated route.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 171542

The four mobile wireless broadband service providers evaluated are MTN, Airtel, Smile, and Spectranet.

  • All comparison data is from 4G LTE
  • MTN and Airtel 4G UEs are locked to band 3
  • Spectranet probe is always in band 40
  • Smile probe is always on band 20

The weights for overall ranking of this report are;

    • 50%, RF Quality (Emetrics plus IRATs to 3G plus Radio Link Failures).
    • 30%, packet latency and drops
    • 10%, Uplink throughput
    • 10%, Downlink throughput


The visualization of the radio frequency quality of LTE network along the complete route is available at our Emetrics website https://metrics.enextwireless.com
Our primary mission is to facilitate the ability of Nigerians to gain reliable and cost-effective access to mobile broadband LTE networks. This also provides national mobile network operators an opportunity to reduce churn and achieve a rapid increase in broadband subscription.

A report containing our ranking and detailed RF Analysis is available for a fee.
We collect comprehensive RF Performance data on the Networks of Mobile Broadband Service Providers in Nigeria. The raw UE log is available to interested service providers for use in further improving the quality of their networks.

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