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Lagos Mainland, January 2018

We are quite pleased to announce the completion of Our Lagos Mainland report. We have full and comprehensive report on four of the LTE network deployments along the route evaluated on Lagos Mainland.

Below image shows the drive route.

Each of the network service providers has much to gain from this report.
The four wireless broadband service providers evaluated are MTN, Globacom, 9mobile, and Ntel.

NIWBQR reports identify RF deployment issues that might have an impact on the quality of service experienced by the users of these networks. We are ready to work with interested service providers to get those issues resolved.

NIWBQR provides service providers an opportunity to learn about the quality of their broadband LTE deployments no matter who performed pre-deployment RF Optimization. This provides opportunities for the service providers to take active measures to improve the quality of the deployments before costly negative customer perception takes hold. Such improvement can translate to substantial economic benefit for the service providers.

Poor RF deployment presents a considerable challenge to delivering consistently reliable internet connections. Taking steps to resolve performance issues identified in NIWBQR allows the service provider to increase its customer loyalty nationwide as, in many cases, the RF deployment issues identified even in a small evaluated route are replicated in a substantial part of the network.

Commercial SIMs are used for all NIWBQR reports. As such, the findings are true reflections of customer experiences on the networks. The same route evaluated in the current report was evaluated in April 2017.
Both of the Service Providers evaluated in April of 2017, Glo and MTN, have made significant improvements to the RF deployment quality along this route since then. However, even more improvement in packet latency is still necessary for consistently pleasant internet connection experience. However, this is the first time evaluating 9Mobile and Ntel in this area.

NIWBQR provides an avenue for broadband wireless service providers (LTE) in Nigeria to learn about the quality of RF deployment of their networks, whether pre-deployment RF Optimization was performed by a Managed Services vendor, in-house or not at all. It also allows the public to gain some sense of the value they are receiving for their subscription to broadband wireless access and choose a service provider most likely to provide them best value for their hard-earned naira.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of service experienced by the users of mobile telecommunication networks in Nigeria. A report containing our ranking and detailed RF Analysis is available for a fee.

We are also available to work with interested service Providers to get those issues resolved.

We collect comprehensive RF Performance data on the Networks of Mobile Broadband Service Providers in Nigeria The raw UE log is available for interested service providers to use in further improving the quality of their networks. For additional details click here to fill-out the form.