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Ibadan, May 2018

Our Ibadan NIWBQR tests were completed on Tuesday 08-05-2018.  The tests were conducted between 11:00 am Monday to 3:00 pm on Tuesday. We covered places such as University of Ibadan, Polytechnic Ibadan, Challenge, Ring road and Bodija. Important sites such as Heritage Mall, Ventura Mall and Palms Mall were also covered. The service providers benchmarked include MTN, GLO, SMILE, AIRTEL AND, 9MOBILE

It turned out that LTE coverage was nowhere near as wide as expected. Of the five carriers tested, only two (Smile and Airtel) had LTE coverage in a substantial part of the route evaluated. A separate report comparing the LTE deployment quality for those two have been prepared. In this report, we have ranked all five service providers in terms of the quality of user experience on their networks be they LTE, 3G or 2G. Our ranking is based on measurement tests such as: Web-Browsing Responsiveness, FTP Download Test, FTP Upload Test and Ping Test.

Our tests measure the customer user experience as they use it for common applications such as web browsing or data downloads, irrespective of the radio access technology used.

The primary goal is to identify the quality of service offered so that service providers can improve their networks and end-users can identify the service providers that offer quality service for the Niara paid.

Report Analysis

Web-Browsing Responsiveness on Airtel’s network was at least three times better than that of any other Service Providers benchmarked. Airtel was seconded by Smile; MTN had the lowest Web-Browsing Responsiveness. Also, Airtel had the best Ping Packet delay, followed by Smile while 9Mobile had the worst Ping Packet delay. It is not surprising that Airtel and Smile rank first and second, respectively since they provide the most LTE coverage along the route evaluated.


Below is a brief analysis of Airtel’s LTE performance in Ibadan based on the route driven. Airtel’s LTE deployment in Ibadan is a good example of how a network should operate and perform based on the user experience. We are also congratulating Airtel for a job well done in the LTE deployment in Ibadan as its network came first in our NIWBQR. Airtel is the first company in Ibadan to provide a well-optimized LTE network. The only comparable LTE network among the markets that we have
tested in Nigeria (Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Benin) is Globacom’s network in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Airtel seems to have properly engineered and tested its LTE network, in the areas we evaluated in Ibadan, before its commercial deployment. This is the level of care we wish other service providers would take in commercial deployment of LTE for the encouragement of the adoption of broadband service in the country. Surely, network operators face challenges. That should not be an excuse for ignoring basic Radio Frequency deployment engineering practices in areas where those challenges do not exist. However, Airtel engineers should reduce UE power consumption by lowering required uplink transmit power.


We recorded substantial areas of low RF signal quality and connection retainability issues (Call Drops). Additional RF performance improvement is needed for customers to fully enjoy the benefit of the good LTE coverage provided by Smile in Ibadan


With the exception of Airtel and Smile, other Service Providers do not currently have extensive 4G coverage in Ibadan.

Our goal is to help improve the quality of service experienced by the users of mobile telecommunication networks in Nigeria. A report containing our ranking and detailed RF Analysis is available for a fee.

We collect comprehensive RF Performance data on the Networks of Mobile Broadband Service Providers in Nigeria The raw UE log is available for interested service providers to use in further improving the quality of their networks. For additional details click here to fill-out the form.